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From ingredients to cooking instructions, we've answered all your questions here.

How do I know when the meat is cooked?

We recommend using a meat thermometer to determine when the meat product is properly cooked. The cooking instructions on the label are only guidelines as all ovens vary in cooking abilities. The following chart will help you determine when your food is ready to eat:

  • Beef

    • 63°C (145°F) medium-rare

    • 71°C (160°F) medium

    • 77°C (170°F) well done

  • Pork roasts (Marcangelo Porchetta), ground beef, and pork, including sausages (Marcangelo Pork Sausages), Marcangelo Lamb Souvlaki and Marcangelo Pork Souvlaki

    • 71°C (160°F)

  • Ground chicken and turkey, including sausages (Marcangelo Turkey sausages)

    • 74°C (165°F)

  • Chicken and turkey breasts (Marcangelo Chicken Souvlaki and Marcangelo Turkey Souvlaki), legs, thighs and wings, whole bird

    • 85°C (185°F)

Can you give me any suggestions on what foods to serve with Marcangelo sausages?

Our Marcangelo Sausages are very versatile. They can be the highlight of a main course, part of an appetizer platter or can be used as an ingredient in a pasta sauce. Our website is full of great recipe ideas and meal solutions that are delicious, nutritious and easy to make. Just click on the recipes section to find a recipe for your next party, family gathering or mid-week meal!

How long can I keep a meat product after it is cooked?

Cooked meat products can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 - 4 days.

Can your fresh meat products be placed in the freezer?

Yes, most certainly. Our fresh products are uncooked and therefore, can be treated as any other raw meat product purchased at the grocery store. Our products can be frozen at any time prior to the recommended best before date printed on the package.

If the product was placed in my freezer, can I cook from frozen, following the instructions on the label?

For our Marcangelo Porchetta, we recommend thawing the product in the refrigerator prior to cooking due to the size and weight of the roasts. Once it is thawed, cook immediately following the instructions on the label. Our Marcangelo Souvlaki and Sausages can be cooked from frozen, however, please allow a longer cooking time than the instructions on the labels, as these refer to the fresh state only.

How long can I keep your products in the refrigerator?

All of our products have a Best Before date printed on the label or package. This will tell you when the product should be consumed or frozen by.

Where can I find the best before date? How do I interpret it?

Best Before dates can be found on all packages.

  • For fresh products sold in trays: the Best Before dates are ink jetted on the front package and can be found on the lower right hand corner.

  • For frozen products: you may see a regular Best Before date (e.g. 2018 Oct 17) or a Julian Calendar date (e.g. 1814501). The first two numbers are the year the product was made, the next three numbers are the day it was produced and the last two numbers are the internal number.

  • For other fresh products: the Best Before date can be found on the front or back of the package on a white pre-printed sticker (e.g. 2018 Oct 17).

If I freeze the product, how long will it last in the freezer?

Generally, we recommend consuming the meat product within 6 months of placing in the freezer.

Do any of your products contain allergens?

An allergen is defined as an ingredient that can cause adverse or negative reactions in very sensitive individuals. All of our product labels contain an ingredient list and any allergens are clearly stated within this ingredient list. Any of the ingredients used in Marcangelo products that are potential allergens to our customers are stated individually and not grouped together as spices, spice extractives, flavours or flavour extracts. For more information on allergens, please visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website:

Where is your meat sourced from?

As a Canadian company, Canada is always our first choice for meat and other materials that go into our products. In the event that Canadian sources are unavailable to fill our orders, we will source from the USA.

My store carries Marcangelo products but they are not always available. Who can I speak to?

Please speak to the Store Manager regarding any Marcangelo products you are interested in purchasing.

Where can I find Marcangelo products?

Marcangelo products are sold in most major retail grocery stores across Canada. Please contact us to find a particular product in the store nearest you.

Can I cook the Marcangelo porchetta in a slow cooker?

We do not recommend cooking our Porchetta in a slow cooker because the skin will not become crispy and golden brown. It will remain very soft, chewy and inedible. Also, the meat will not be roasted as it would be using dry heat in an oven. The meat will have a different texture because it will steam and not roast.

Can the pork skin on the Marcangelo porchetta be eaten or does it have to be removed?

By following the cooking instructions on the package, the Porchetta skin will become a beautiful golden brown colour and be very crispy. This can either be eaten or discarded. It is a matter of personal preference. However, we recommend tasting the skin cooked this way. It is delicious and has a wonderful crispy texture.

Can I cook the Marcangelo kabobs in a frying pan?

As indicated on the product label, cook on high heat for 14 to 18 minutes, turning frequently. The meat from the kabobs can also be removed from the skewers for a delicious stir-fry with vegetables and your favourite seasonings or sauces. This can be served with cooked rice or noodles.

Why do the cooking instructions on the Marcangelo porchetta indicate to cook in a roasting pan on a rack above the water?

This cooking method is recommended for two reasons:

  1. Porchetta is wrapped in pork skin (traditional Italian style roast) and will become a beautiful golden colour and the dry heat allows the skin to become crispy. This can then be eaten. If this is not desirable, the skin can be removed and discarded.

  2. Dry roasting locks in all of the natural juices and keeps the meat moist and tender. Cooking the roast in water/juices will steam, not roast the meat.

How do I open the vacuum package without spilling the juice inside?

Our products come in easy peel packaging. Lay the package meat side down, separate the film at the corners and peel back to open.