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See what customers have to say about our delicious products.

I live in the United States in California, and I just started buying these! Let me tell you they are the most delicious savory kabobs I have ever tasted!! Now every time I go to the grocery store I buy their entire stock of the chicken lime ones which are my favorite! Perfect flavoring!! I am in love with these!! Thank you so much!!

- Julie, Palmdale, California, USA

We are in Alabama, US. This is the most amazing chicken I have had in years! My husband and I moved to Livingston, Alabama for his work. There isn't quality meat around here and I am always disappointed. Until you came along! I bought 6 packs today and 3 last week, it is amazing! Thank you for quality food in our area, which is lacking. Thank you! You have the biggest fans here, I'm telling everyone!

- Allison, Livingston, Alabama, USA

I bought your 24.7 oz bacon wrapped turkey breast roast for my Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious. Thank you!

- Elizabeth, Fox Lake, USA

I just want to compliment you on your bacon wrapped turkey breast for roasting. We ran across your product in Walmart and thought it would be good to try. It is absolutely delicious and we will definitely enjoy again. I plan to look for some of your other products. Thanks for making such good food!

- Barbara, The Woodlands, Texas, USA

So good! Bought it because we had only a toaster oven to cook Thanksgiving dinner with, and it was EXCELLENT! Will buy more even after we get the regular oven repaired--very tasty.

- Laura

Got this for Thanksgiving for a family of 3 and it tastes as good or even better as the big turkey. Followed the instructions and it was cooked perfectly. I like that it has a "blue" pin that pops up when cooked to the right temperature.

- Rowena

This was so good!!! I agree with cooking it in the toaster over too. It made the bacon crispy and the turkey breast was tender. Reminded me of Spring Creek BBQ's turkey. We are already planning on the next one. Serves 2-3 adults

- Michele

This turkey roast was so delicious and easy to prepare. Will feed 3-4 people. Plan to buy more.

- Al